Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Turkey

I'll take mine warm with gravy and mashed potatoes. The countdown has started to my favorite of all holidays—Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving because it is all about food, family, and friends. It's that one day of the year when you can eat delicious food throughout the entire day, visit with the relatives, and watch football, guilt-free.

I remember so many Thanksgiving celebrations at my Grandmother's house in Spencer, Wisconsin. She had a tiny house with an even tinier kitchen, but she could produce quite the feast! Dinner at 1 pm, dessert at 4 pm, and pulling out the leftovers from 9 pm until midnight. Friends and relatives who weren't at dinner would stop in for coffee or dessert. The house was teeming. My sister and I would escape to the outdoors and take long walks to burn off all of that food.

My Grandmother is no longer of this earth but her traditions live on. She taught me how to bake and today I will bake my heart out using her rolling pin. I wish you lots of cold turkey leftovers on Friday and  hope that you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Grandma Marian would be proud of you, Christi! Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in mid October, but I also am busy this week baking goodies from Mom's recipe box, keeping memories of her and her kitchen alive.

Thanks so much for doing the same!


Linda said...

I was just thinking about Grandma today as well.

Thanksgiving was her day - she was amazing. I still can't figure out how she managed to put out so much hot food for such a large family gathering out of that small kitchen!

Grandma -- you are greatly missed.

Mom said...

Hi Christi,

Dad says that you are correct about the Thanksgivings in Spencer. Grandma Boock learned her cooking skills from Grandma Oelrich and usually had three pies for any family meal. The Oelrichs had even more family and friends in for Thanksgiving and had to eat the meal in shifts. Keep up the good work and keep the traditions going -- but you don't have to have three pies.