Monday, November 29, 2010

Ma'am, REALLY??

Since when did I become a ma'am? This whole concept is so foreign to me that I had to look up "ma'am" in the dictionary just to make sure I was spelling it correctly. Each and every time someone calls me ma'am, I have to look over my shoulder to see who this person is addressing because it certainly couldn't be me! Then as I realize it is me that they are talking to, that unfortunate person is greeted by my cold, hard "you have just insulted me" stare.

When I think of a "ma'am," I visual someone much older than I am or someone dressed like an older woman. I don't think I dress matronly. If I do, will someone please tell me! I hope I don't look ancient as I've managed to avoid all of the Botox, nip and tuck nonsense that many "ma'am's" over 40 find as an indulgence. Or is 35 that magical cut off age between miss and ma'am because then I guess I would qualify. Perhaps those of the younger generation are just clueless and call any woman over their youthful age "ma'am." I guess I no longer fall into the "miss" category unless I'm being carded while buying a bottle of wine. Maybe I'm in that grey zone between miss and ma'am. 

Personally, I think it's best to err on the side of being impolite and not calling a woman "ma'am" unless she's over 90. Since I'm nowhere near 90 and probably clad in shoes that no matron would ever consider wearing, please just call me "miss" or, better yet, nothing at all. 

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