Friday, November 19, 2010

Target Infatuation

Target ad in Times Square
I'll admit it, I  am such a "Target" girl. What's not to love about Target? It's one-stop shopping for me . . . groceries (even organic fruits and veggies as well as grass-fed beef), winter gloves for the boys, air filter for the furnace, cozy flannel sheets for the guest room, ink for my printer, a little black dress on the clearance rack, contact lenses for my daughter, school supplies, an abundance of Christmas decorations, that odd halogen lightbulb for my spirally light fixture over the kitchen table, kitchen tables and chairs with fun napkins and plates, and a latte for me from the in-store Starbucks on my way out of the door.

The Target "Team" members are abundant and always ready to help you out. It's clean, efficient, and well organized. They even have team members on walkie talkies at the check-out to call for extra cashiers when the lines get slightly too long. I'm not talking 10 people in line ahead of you, but two or three. I love that! But it was especially handy when I had a screaming child with me. (Perhaps they were just trying to get us out of the store by opening up that extra a lane just for us!)

I'm one of those people who wouldn't be caught dead in a Walmart (although I must admit their Halloween junk is much more extensive than Target). I don't even remember the last time I was in a Walmart. I think my disdain for Walmart extends back to my years living in suburban Washington, DC before Target moved in. My local Walmart was in a dicey neighborhood, and you always had to go during the day because it was safer. Or at least I felt safer. On your way into the store, you would be greeted by a blue haze generated by a group of employees out smoking in front of the building while on break. Nice. That Walmart in Alexandria, Virginia was always a bit dirty, crowded with boxes scattered all over, and you could plan on spending at least 10 minutes waiting in line to check out.

But now I live in the land of Target. Minnesota, where Target was born. I've even been in the original (now totally remodeled) Target store in Roseville. This is probably really sad, but I remember the first time I actually went into a Target. I was a Senior in college in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and a spank'n brand, new Target had just opened. It was heavenly after years of frequenting Shopko and Walgreens.

Target for me is the epitome of functional style, convenience for busy parents, and quality products with a touch of satisfaction thrown in.

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Anonymous said...

I love Target! There is something about the red and white that is calming in an odd way . . .