Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deck Those Halls

Is anyone else out there as far behind as I am with Christmas this year? Even with a much lighter pre-Christmas schedule, i.e., no Nutcracker ballet this year, I feel as if I'm weeks behind schedule. I know that the Christmas season has started when I receive the first Christmas card of the year, always from the same US Senator from Mississippi and always only a few days after Thanksgiving. Two more Christmas cards (or should I correctly say "holiday"cards) arrived today by families headed up by much more organized Moms than myself. I have yet to order our cards, muchless find a decent picture for the card and write the letter. Maybe this is a good year for New Year's cards.

At the moment, it looks like Christmas has exploded in my living room. All of the boxes of decorations are unpacked with wrapping, Nutcrackers, angel ornaments, snow globes, scented candles, and the like scattered everywhere, waiting for their placement throughout the house. The basement resembles the Ghost of Christmas past with bins full of old toys that the kids have outgrown or destroyed. Very spendy American Girl dolls with all of their clothes are all stacked up in a doll crib, bags full of disassembled pieces of Hot Wheels race tracks, robotic dinosaurs and panda bears, two bins full of Beanie Babies (remember that craze?).

Then there is the baking, Christmas tree decorating, shopping, wrapping, holiday parties and programs, and I have a Christmas birthday kid and a New Year's baby thrown into the mix. (Poor planning on my part I guess!) By the time January 3rd rolls around, I'm exhausted by the holidays. But don't get me wrong, I'm actually looking forward to this Christmas. Christmas 2010 will certainly be better than last year when Santa brought the entire house the stomach flu for Christmas. Then we, in return, gave this lovely gift to all of our friends and relatives for Christmas. Hands down, the worst Christmas ever.

We all seem to survive the stress of Christmas and so will I. Now time to turn on the Christmas music and deck my halls while remembering what the season is truly about.


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