Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids and the TSA

Is it a good thing that when traveling by air, my kids have the security drill down pat? They line up, look the TSA agent in the eye, and clearly answer his questions about their ages and if I'm actually their mother. They carefully pack their liquids and gels in a little plastic bag and place it in a bin to run through the metal detector. They quickly remove their shoes, belts, jackets, and sweatshirts and place them neatly in the bins. They push their carry-on luggage along the belt leading to the X-Ray scanner. They patiently wait their turn to walk calmly through the metal detector. (Luckily they have not yet been pulled into the line for the body scanner experience.) They quickly get redressed, grab their luggage and baggie of liquids, and find a bench outside of the TSA secure area to retie their shoes. Whew! Made it quickly and easily through another round of security. Boarding an airplane has certainly changed dramatically since I was their age.

This calm but fast and orderly routine has been drilled into them by their mother since 9/11 to save time and headache in the USA security lines. They have learned that other countries do not have a TSA and security measures when boarding planes in other countries are different and, in some cases, easier perhaps. 

It seems like there is something terribly wrong with our society when I, as a mother, can say that I am proud that my children can quickly get through an airport security line without crying, losing anything, or massively holding up the line by being poky. However sad and time consuming all of these extra security measures are, they certainly beat the alternative. 

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