Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Is the Bear?

The neighborhood bear in action,
but not at my end of the neighborhood.
(Thanks to my Facebook friend from whom
I've borrowed this pic.)
I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the whereabouts of my neighborhood bear. Bear spotting stories were the talk of the neighborhood back in October. The best being when the bear was spotted on the day before Halloween. This led to lots of parents fretting (myself included) about whether or not to send the kids out trick-or-treating in the dark with a large black bear on the loose again. We all figured that the noise made by the kids out trick-or-treating would probably send that bear into hiding. The theory proved correct, and he wasn't seen on Halloween.

The good news is that he's disappeared from the public eye since mid-November after raiding a bird feeder nearly a mile down the highway from my neighborhood. He left behind his paw prints in the snow, which someone photographed and published in the local newspaper. I've seen no bear prints back by the pond he likes to frequent. But then the pond has been frozen over since December. I think it's safe to assume that he's hibernating somewhere in his den, which is hopefully located far away from my quiet neighborhood.

I kind of like a bear-free lifestyle. I don't have to worry about a bear surfacing out of the pond, lurking in the woods and wetlands, climbing out of the underbrush along the walking path, or dodging between the houses searching for full bird feeders. It will be interesting to see if he reappears once the snow and ice start to melt in April. One lesson that the bear has taught me (and my apologies to the local birds), don't keep a full bird feeder near your house when there is a hungry bear on the loose.

If anyone does see the bear, please let me know and send me pictures. I'll post them on this blog. Until then, enjoy the winter sans the bear. May he NOT return in the Spring.


Anonymous said...

Christi - I've been told Mr. Bear was shot (legally) by one of those farmers along Centerville Road. This is second-hand information, so I can't say for sure if that is the case.
-Jane K.

Christianna said...

Interesting. That would certainly solve our neighborhood bear problem which would be a good thing for us. Anybody else heard about this?