Thursday, March 10, 2011


While looking through the high school curriculum options at a few different schools for my now 8th grade daughter, I ran across a new word that made me do a double-take and then laugh. "Freshperson." What in the world is a freshperson? As I continued reading about the curriculum, it became crystal clear—they are talking about a "Freshman!"

I'm sorry but I see this as an absolutely ridiculous creation of a new word. What woman or girl would seriously take offense at being called a Freshman? Are women today that insecure that we as womankind must now go around erasing any reference to "man" and changing "man" words to a neutral "person?" As modern 21st Century women, why should we take offense to the archaic use of "man" tagged onto general reference words.

I looked up the word "Freshperson" in my Webster's Dictionary on my computer and on the app on my phone. Freshperson isn't a word, but freshman is listed. It also comes up as a misspelled word on my blog spell check. However, according to the Internet urban dictionary, freshperson is defined as a "politically correct term for an American 1st year high school student." I guess I'm just not "politically correct."

I really shouldn't be surprised at freshperson given that the mailman is now a postal carrier, a stewardess is retitled a flight attendant, and your Congressman is now a Congressperson. My all-time favorite is changing waitress to waitron. Sounds like a robotic name to me.  But freshperson may be my new favorite!

What's next? Snowpeople? Long live the snowman.

Our politically incorrect snowman.


Jennifer Springman said...

Christi - I completely agree! I get so fired up about this kind of stuff....ugh. It is crazy how the world is so concerned with being politically correct, offending other's and being "fair". From your Blog and what other schools are doing to make life fair concerns me. Life in the real world is not fair.

Love reading what you have to say Christi - thanks =)

Marilyn said...

For decades here in Canada high school years are titled Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 & Grade 12.

Problem solved!

Jane K. said...

Another fine example of ridiculous political correctness. Will it ever end? "Freshperson" - sounds absurd!