Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Delta "No Fly Zone"

I'm done flying Delta. Finished. I'll donate my frequent flyer miles to the Japanese earthquake victims and cut up my Delta AMEX card. Even though Delta nearly has a monopoly on flights in and out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, I am going out of my way NOT to fly Delta.

You may recall my Delta horror story from this summer when Delta left me, my kids, and my sister-in-law stranded at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport for 36 hours before they finally let us rebook our flight on an airplane that worked. To refresh your memory, go to my blog archives in January 2011 and look for:  DELTA = Doesn't Ever Leave the Airport.

The Delta flight crew and gate attendants asked us to save all of our receipts as we would be reimbursed by Delta for our misery, including reimbursement for our missed days at Disney World. Well, someone forgot to inform corporate Delta about our woes and promised reimbursements. 

After days stuck in the airport, hours spent on the phone, and countless emails sent back and forth, Delta finally settled my claim 9 months later. They generously gave each of us a $50 voucher to spend on another Delta flight. Just what I wanted! So much for the thousands of dollars in Disney resort fees, our pre-purchased park tickets, and days with our friends that we lost while waiting for Delta to find us a battery, pilot, flight crews, and plane. The $250 in vouchers certainly makes up for Delta's glaring incompetence. 

My next step? I considered filing my complaint against Delta with the Department of Transportation (DOT) but noticed that they already have a record number of complaints already filed against Delta for 2010. Given the sluggish pace of the DOT, the government probably would not get me the justice I seek. Instead, I'll hit them in the wallet where it really counts and vow never fly Delta ever again. I urge you to boycott Delta as well. 

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