Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bear vs. Suburbia

Who loses? Unfortunately it looks like the bear. You may be wondering what ever happened to my neighborhood bear friend. I'm wondering the same thing and have been chasing down the latest bear rumors. 

I do have one solid fact: the bear has not been sighted in my neighborhood since November. Here are the rumors I've heard:

  • The police shot and killed the bear last fall on the land of a local farmer.
  • A black bear was hit by a car on Birch Street last month. It took six shots by the police to take down this massive black bear.
  • The bear wandered off and is now menacing someone else's neighborhood.

I've not found any evidence to back up any of these rumors. However, a large black bear was shot by the police last weekend near Oakdale. That's 20 miles from here but potentially in our bear's roaming territory. Could this be our bear?

Since I've not seen any bear footprints lately and no one I know has been startled by a black bear while out for a run, I think it's safe to assume that our bear is gone: either shot or moved on. I'm still keeping a watchful eye on the woods and the ponds while I'm out walking the dog.

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