Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clothing Sizing: The Expanding Lie

Have Americans had a massive growth spurt over the past few months? Can someone please tell me what is up with clothing sizes in all of the mainstream stores? Everything is HUGE!

I made a quick run into my GAP Outlet last week to pickup a few necessities that my kids had outgrown since my last trip to the GAP Outlet. Running late as usual, I just grabbed the next size up in their T-shirts, shorts, and polo shirts. I discovered once I unloaded my GAP haul at home that all of the sizes seemed to have changed—all of the new clothes were sized much larger.

The polo I bought for my 8-year old son would fit me! His new cargo shorts had a generous waist and fell nearly to his ankles. I realize that the boys do wear their shorts long but this is ridiculous! I have a hard time believing that my youngest son is the same size 5 that he wore in Kindergarten. An XS junior top for my daughter was literally falling off of her and far too long. The Medium polo shirt for my 12-year old son would fit a large man. I kind of thought something was up when I couldn't fit into a size 0 pair of GAP shorts—they were too BIG! I may be petite but I'm not that skinny.

I've made yet another run out to the GAP Outlet to exchange all of the clothes for the next size (or two) smaller and remarkably everything fits. My daughter did insist on keeping the black XS yoga pants that were again falling off of her frame. (Although she even doesn't do yoga.)  I've learned over the years that I am really good at accidentally shrinking clothing in the laundry. So deliberately washing the yoga pants in hot water and drying them on HIGH heat did the trick. Perfectly fitting yoga pants. It is kind of sad that I have to deliberately shrink clothing to get it to fit.

Now that I do stop and think about it, this is not happening only at GAP. Many clothing companies have resized their lines of clothing and the fit is much roomier. Adults as well as kids. Are Americans waistlines really getting so big that the clothing industry now has to change all of the sizes to make us feel thinner? "I used to be a size 8 but NOW I'm a size 4!" Get real. It's a scam to make us feel better about ourselves! It's just a number after all.

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