Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Astronomical Meds

Has anyone else out there experienced this phenomena or is it just me? The cost of my prescription drugs has skyrocketed in the past year! I'm talking blatantly unaffordable prescription drugs. I've just gotten off of the phone to order my asthma meds and promptly hung up when I heard the latest cost for a 90 day supply of Singulair. It's now $432! And that's WITH my insurance. (If you can even call it insurance.) Excuse me, but who can afford that?

I've already discovered that I don't need the full dose, so I split the pill in half. My body has adjusted, and I'm saving money. Believe me, I've tried to split it into quarters but that task is nearly impossible, and my lungs need a bit more than a quarter of a Singulair tablet each day.

I literally cannot afford my asthma anymore. Given that I'm self-employed and don't qualify for a "group" insurance pool, I pay roughly 80% of my health care costs. This is on top of a hefty premium that will bump up by 25% in the coming weeks. Excuse me, but what am I paying for? Everyone else's health care I think. I'm seriously thinking of switching to a catastrophic plan. It would be cheaper, and I could bank the savings in a medical savings account.

I could understand if my premiums were raised because I had recently had a terrible bout of something or undergone some sort of major surgery. Nope, nothing like that. I eat right and work out to help keep healthy and away from the doctor's office. What do I get in return? Massive hikes in my meds and a huge premium hit.

This unreasonable price-hike is totally unfair! Why should I be penalized for my healthy lifestyle and trying to control my asthma through exercise? I almost hate to find out what my allergy meds will run me this month. I'd rather not compromise my health to save money, but the pharmaceutical companies don't leave me much of a choice. No wonder Americans are so upset about the rising costs of health care. I think I'm joining the masses.

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