Friday, October 7, 2011

Hellish Washing Machine Saga Continues

So it seems that Sears has a very active social media department. I was completely astonished by the comment that SearsCare posted within 24 hours of my publishing the Washing Machine From Hell story. (Check out the comment section on my last post.) Who would think that Sears was so tech savvy! Their social media support team apparently trolls websites and blogs searching for disappointed customers, like me, who are writing unsatisfactory reviews of their products and making these views public via blog. Very smart.

I was curious to see if Sears actually would make an attempt to help me out with this horrible washing machine so I called them up on Monday morning. It turns out that my washing machine isn't classified as a true lemon so it cannot be replaced. However it does have a "service warning flag" on it, meaning it's a repairable lemon. Knowing my luck with repairing this machine, I didn't want to put any more money into it, waste my time, or a repairman's time. Sears assured me that they will repair the machine for FREE (including parts and labor) each time it needs repairs! Awesome! That's a good compromise.

We go ahead and schedule repairs for Wednesday between 1 and 5 pm. Don't you just love those huge windows of time? Given that life gets crazy starting at 4:30 pm, I requested that the repairman arrive well before 5 pm. He arrives at 4:45 pm just as all hell is breaking lose with dinner, football practice, and a bus stop pick up time. He's a very nice repairman, and I do understand that he's on a timed schedule so I'm not purposely annoyed with him. It's just a bit ironic that he arrived at exactly the time I asked Sears not to send a repairman.

An hour later and after much discussion about who should pay, no repairs are made to the machine. I'm not at all surprised. The so-called "red flag" is for a problem that I have yet to encounter with the control panel for the rinse cycle. This part must be ordered. The black streaks and stink require replacing the rubber drum. This must also be ordered. The machine also likes to retain some of the detergent and all of the bleach that should drain out at the start of the cycle. You guessed it . . . this part must also be ordered.

Now I'm waiting for the parts to arrive at my house for installation into my machine. The Sears repairman assures me Sears will contact me to set up an appointment, so the nice repairman leaves. An hour later I open up the laundry room door to clean up the aftermath of the not repaired machine only to discover that the repairman has committed the cardinal sin of all front-loader owners. He closed the washing machine door. Never close that door! 

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Kelly said...

I find it a bit ironic that in the advertisement section on the bottom of your page are ads for appliance repair. Hope you get a resolution soon.

Christianna said...

I know! That's kind of bizarre but fitting I guess.