Thursday, October 13, 2011

Washer Woes Wear On

The culprit with boxes of parts,
 waiting for a fix
Have you ever walked into your laundry room and the horrible stink being emmited from the room forced you to quickly turn around and flip on the fan before you slam the door behind you? If you own a front-loader washing machine similar to mine you know exactly the stench that I'm talking about.

My washing machine seemingly gets continuous use each and every day. I was away over the weekend and the washer sat dormant for maybe two days tops. What an unpleasant surprise I walked into! I thought that some small animal had crawled in there to die. A thorough search found no dead mouse but the door to the top loader was closed. You wouldn't think that closing the washer door for a day or two would cause such a horrible smell?!

At least I was able to rid the room of the stench by running a load of laundry. Also waiting for me upon my return were boxes of parts that the Sears repairman had ordered last week. Great! Now I just need them installed. Installation is proving a bit difficult as no one will return my calls or e-mail about getting the repairs done. I guess I'll try calling again today or maybe someone at Sears will spot this blog post and contact me.

Meanwhile the washing machine drama continues. What will happen next week? Will Christianna's front-loader ever get repaired? Stay tuned!


Jayne said...

Christi - I am pretty sure you are still referring to your FRONT loader when you keep saying TOP loader. I sincerely believe this is a Freudian slip of sorts calling out to you ("Get rid of the front loader - you need a top loader!" LOL)
Meanwhile, it does seem as though there are a LOT more washing machine woes than EVER before!! We had our first washer for approx. 15-16 years and while it was still working, it had lost a few clips or something and was currently duct-taped together to keep it from flying apart during the spin cycle. So, when we were moving to Niagara Falls for a year, we sold the pair and our housesitter moved in with his new HE Kenmore top loader (no agitator). Finally back in our own house after 2 years, we had a couple months to "try out" his HE washer before making a decision on a new one. I had already heard enough nightmare stories to not even consider a front loader, but was surprised to find some of the same issues you are talking about with his HE top loader - dark streaks on my "clean" clothes were especially annoying and only got somewhat better after I thoroughly cleaned the seal. Cycle times were obnoxiously long and sometimes there were articles of clothing that were still completely DRY!!
In the end, I searched and searched - and found, a top loader WITH agitator (not HE) where I still control the water level. It is a "commercial grade" Maytag Centennial and, knock on wood, I am VERY happy with it. (although we are only 3 months in to the experience).
Sadly, I think these problems are mainly the result of government sticking their nose in and deciding they always know what's best, right down to how our washing machines should operate.

Wishing you a peaceful resolution so you can love your laundry again!!

Christianna said...

I couldn't agree more Janye! Thanks for your comment and for pointing out that I'm referring to my obnoxious front-loader as a top-loader. I must be fantasizing about getting a top-loader!