Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My LG Lemon Washing Machine Strikes Again

My daily struggles with my front-load washing machine are starting to feel like a part-time job given the amount of time I devote to this machine each day. Yes, this is the same lovely LG front loader from previous blog posts. It's still affixed in my laundry room, providing plenty of fodder for this blog. I am in no way trying to be so negative about this machine, and I'd happily write something positive about it if there was a positive angle to this story. Sadly there is not.

Back in October the Sears repair doctor replaced it's disgusting drum and potentially failing internal control panel as well as the little line gauge that indicates the wrong amount of detergent to add to the machine. This machine has now developed a new little quirk—draining by hand.

The Delicate cycle is being overly sensitive for my liking.

The past 3 times I've run the Delicate cycle the machine flashes me a warning signal that something is amiss. I must stop the machine, open a little door at the foot of the washer, pull out a thin rubber hose, drain the water out of the bottom of the machine into a little pan, clean out the lint filter, put it all back together, and restart the Delicate cycle. It's probably not a big deal but is kind of annoying given the track record of this front-load washing machine. Yet another chore to add to my growing front loader care list.

I see this as another unseen maintenance that I, the customer, must take care of to keep this machine up and running properly. This is in addition to completely wiping out the new rubber drum to get rid of any water and lessen the chances of mold. Well, the mold is winning. Despite my constant wiping and cleaning out of the rubber drum, the black mold is back. It only took 6 weeks! And yes, I have been using my new tub cleaning pellet on top of it all to eliminate build-up as well as adding a fraction of the "recommended" detergent. Still the mold . . . but that is another story in itself.

Sears has closed my case citing that there is nothing more they can do. Maybe they will reopen my case given my new drainage problem. In the meantime, I believe that I have a very high maintenance lemon on my hands.


pat29 said...

L-E-M-O-N. Our Sears appliances have me very much less than satisfied.

cdboock said...

Consumer Reports shows the LG front loader as needing the fewest repairs. Aparently you have a lemon. What will it take to get a new machine from them? Who is the warranty with, LG or Sears?


cdboock said...

It is time to bring out the big guns. Call a TV station and have them investigate. Sears will not like the negative results and hopefully will replace that demon with a new toploader.


Jayne said...

Listen to your mom and dad!!! This is just ridiculous!!!