Saturday, November 26, 2011

Revenge of the Blue Icee

When going to the movies with the kids, you must buy all of the extras that accompany the cinematic experience—popcorn, Milk Duds, SweetTarts. And of course, a blue Icee. Since all of these movie treats end up costing a small fortune anyway, one of the adults in your group decides to just go ahead and get the boys the Super Extreme Large Icee as opposed to the Puny Tiny Small Icee. It's only $1 more and you get a "free refill".

My 13-year old son polishes off his Icee before The Muppets even begins and continues that annoying slurping sound with his straw as he tries to suck down every last drop. My 8-year old's Icee lasts about halfway through The Muppets before he starts asking repeatedly for his "free refill".  Now my youngest son Jack is spoiled rotten, and although he is pushing 9 he can still throw a mean temper tantrum when he wants. One was brewing. Hmmm what does a mother do at this point? She's in a dark theater reliving her childhood through The Muppets. She doesn't want to cause a scene, yet she knows very well what that second blue Icee will do to an 8-year old stomach already full of blue Icee. She opts for a life lesson for young Jack. "Go ahead and get your 'free refill,' but take your brother with you."

Jack slurps down nearly all of his second Super Extreme Large Icee just as the movie ends. As we are walking out, Jack's tummy doesn't feel so good. Pit stop at the Mens Room. Afterward he's still not feeling good and turns into a surly Jack with a tummy full of blue Icee and nothing else.

Those of us who haven't had a Large Blue Icee with that killer "free refill" are starving. Despite protests from the boys, who are more than full, we head over to Culvers for an unhealthy (but SO delicious) dinner. By this point, dinner inside the restaurant wasn't an option for Jack. He just wanted to go home! By the time we get into the drive-thru line, Jack desperately needs a toilet again and is running out of the car to the Culvers bathroom with me in tow.

For some reason this Mens Room only had one toilet, which was unfortunately occupied. I offered the Ladies Room. Unthinkable for Jack. He will wait. Five minutes pass. "Jack, that Ladies Room is still open." He wisely takes this option and dashes in without anyone seeing him sneaking into the Ladies Room. Let's just say it was ugly and blue.

Later that evening Jack tells me that next time he will have the "Junior" size Icee and never have a free refill. A valuable lesson learned the hard way for young Jack.

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Christianna said...

While at the movies last night, I noticed a sign posted at the Concessions Stand.

"No more free refills on LARGE Icees"

Perhaps they've grown tired of cleaning up all of the blue Icee aftermath in the theater restrooms.