Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FIlling In

You all are probably wondering what has happened to me? This is one chic Mom with no time to write lately. I apologize. Due to budget cuts at my son's elementary school, art has been cut from the school's curriculum this year.  I was asked to teach art as part of an Artist in Residence program at the school. Of course, I said yes and very wisely asked an artistic and talented counterpart to work with me on this project. How could I possibly turn down teaching art to kids who have no art instruction?

Turns out that I really do like teaching art to elementary students. They are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to get creative with their projects. I only had one kid more interested in sniffing glue than painting with it, one crying boy who had texture issues with the tissue paper, and minimal breakage on our clay bowls. It's an incredible experience for the kids as well as for me. But let me tell you that teaching is much more demanding than you ever would believe. Yet over-the-top rewarding!

I promise to return with my random thoughts after our Art Show in early May. Of course we have to showcase all of this amazingly wonderful art!