Sunday, January 22, 2012

Front Loader Fiasco Drags On

I feel like I've morphed into a problem child and am on my way to the Principal's office for punishment. Except my LG washing machine is the one creating all of the problems for me and increasing the tension between me and Sears corporate headquarters.

In a last ditch (and futile) attempt to appease Sears, I've let them send out yet another repairman to place a band aid very carefully on my front-loader. I've lost count how many times Sears has sent a repair technician to my house. Friday's repairman remembered me and my washer. He's been here before.

After spending 30 minutes pulling my machine apart to figure out why soap and water randomly lead out the back of the washer, flooding the floor, and why I must randomly drain the machine by hand before running the Delicate cycle, he was perplexed. He found nothing wrong with my front-loader. Nothing. It was running perfectly.

This scenario reminds me of taking a sick and feverish child into the pediatrician only to have them make a miraculous recovery in the waiting room. The child is perfectly healthy and fever-free when the doctor steps into the room.

But this LG front-loader is anything but healthy! The repairman actually wonders why Sears hasn't just replaced this machine for me since it already has a "blue-ribbon" on it, meaning that Sears has marked it as having some sort of a major problem. I'm wondering the same thing.

I'll be interested to talk to my "Senior" case manager at Sears about this latest round of repairs. Will they just keep sending out repair techs to fix a machine that seemingly cannot be fixed? I don't need yet another repairman. Maybe I need an exorcist to drive out the demons from this possessed front-loader. Stay tuned as I have a feeling this story isn't over just yet.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Killing Bambi: Police Brutality or Justified?

Abbie, Pinkie, and their caretaker. 
What do you get when you take two cute, tame deer; concerned citizens who love feeding the deer; and a police officer with a loaded gun? A Minnesota-style mess. I just have to share this somewhat bizarre local story.

A couple from Forest Lake, Minnesota is in an uproar because the Forest Lake police shot and killed two deer on their property. The couple has been feeding these two deer since June when their mother apparently abandoned them. They went so far as to place fluffy bright collars around their necks and to name them Pinkie and Abbie. The Forest Lake police were asked by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to kill the deer because their collars identified them as potentially tame, disease carriers, and a "threat" to other wildlife.

For starters I personally think it's odd to feed the deer that roam around your neighborhood. It's even more strange to get so attached to the deer that you decide to give them names and collars. Whatever. This is a free country and you can supposedly do that in Forest Lake, Minnesota. The deer-loving couple thought they were doing a good deed by feeding the abandoned deer.

Why would the Minnesota DNR decide to take out these deer? I guess I don't understand how they could be considered dangerous or diseased because they had been exposed to humans who liked to feed and name the deer.

Worse yet is the choice made by the Forest Lake police department to shoot these deer right in the yard of the couple who is caring for them. This couple obviously considers them pets of sort, so it really was an inane decision on the part of the police to shoot Pinkie and Abbie on the property of people who had taken in the deer. Sort of like shooting Bambi in front of Walt Disney.

Couldn't this issue have been resolved differently? Maybe relocate the deer or ask the couple to stop feeding them. Or if you really, really feel threatened by these tame deer wearing pink fluffy collars, at least don't shoot them in the backyard of the people who are feeding them! Especially when it's not illegal to feed deer on your own property in Minnesota.

This may be an example of tax dollars at play or just plain stupidity.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Conversion

I have a confession to make. I don't read labels. I'm lucky if I grab the correct can, jar, or item of clothing. I would always sort of stare in amazement at those people in the shops who actually took the time to carefully read the labels on items they may or may not purchase. The items listed on the label in tiny print being the deciding factor. Deep down though I knew that I should just take a moment and read the label.

I've learned my lesson and now read labels on items of clothing that I want to purchase. How did I learn this valuable lesson? I bought a pair of cute—what I thought were wool—shorts at one of my favorite boutiques. They looked like wool, and they felt like wool. They even got wrinkly like wool. So I bought them only to discover these cute wool shorts were made out of wool and glue.
They look like wool, don't they?
Fooled me.

GLUE!!! I did a triple-take on that item. Thank goodness I did read the label before I put them under a hot iron. That would have been quite the mess! Yes, I bought shorts made of glue. I never realized that glue was an actual material. Or is the 40% glue holding together the 60% wool? I don't know but I felt like a fool.

Guess where the shorts were made? You guessed it, China of course. I've learned my lesson and have converted over to religiously checking the labels of clothing from here on out. "Made in China" is hard to avoid. But certainly no more glue shorts disguised in sheep's clothing for me.

The glue doesn't stop me from wearing my shorts in the dead of winter though. I just must use extra caution so that I don't lean up against a radiator and my shorts reveal their true identity by melting all over.
60% WOOL
40% GLUE

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's B-A-C-K: Troubled washer's new antics

I dash madly into the house this morning after dropping off my daughter at her school. Dashing madly because I forgot I left my washing machine running, unattended for 45 minutes. Big mistake! Throwing open the door to the laundry room, I am greeted by the loud pounding spin cycle with a frothy broth of bubbles and water spewing out from underneath my front load washer. Standing in disbelief in my now soaked socks, here I go again.

A sad new trick.
Part of the soap and water mess.
I didn't want to start off the new year writing about an old topic but this morning's new water trick displayed by this lemon LG washing machine warrants yet another blog article. For the record, I was only washing a couple of bath rugs, purposely set the cycle on "normal" to avoid any water seepage, and put only 1 tablespoon of detergent into the machine. Look what happened!

  • I don't think I should have to babysit my washing machine while it runs.
  • I should not have to come home to soap and water covering the floor.
  • These expensive "glitches" with this LG front loader are getting more than old. 
  • This machine is a LEMON and is unrepairable.

To the Sears Social Media team who will probably find this article: if you haven't heard from me in person already, you will very shortly.

And the drama of Christianna's front-loader fiasco continues. Stay tuned!