Sunday, January 22, 2012

Front Loader Fiasco Drags On

I feel like I've morphed into a problem child and am on my way to the Principal's office for punishment. Except my LG washing machine is the one creating all of the problems for me and increasing the tension between me and Sears corporate headquarters.

In a last ditch (and futile) attempt to appease Sears, I've let them send out yet another repairman to place a band aid very carefully on my front-loader. I've lost count how many times Sears has sent a repair technician to my house. Friday's repairman remembered me and my washer. He's been here before.

After spending 30 minutes pulling my machine apart to figure out why soap and water randomly lead out the back of the washer, flooding the floor, and why I must randomly drain the machine by hand before running the Delicate cycle, he was perplexed. He found nothing wrong with my front-loader. Nothing. It was running perfectly.

This scenario reminds me of taking a sick and feverish child into the pediatrician only to have them make a miraculous recovery in the waiting room. The child is perfectly healthy and fever-free when the doctor steps into the room.

But this LG front-loader is anything but healthy! The repairman actually wonders why Sears hasn't just replaced this machine for me since it already has a "blue-ribbon" on it, meaning that Sears has marked it as having some sort of a major problem. I'm wondering the same thing.

I'll be interested to talk to my "Senior" case manager at Sears about this latest round of repairs. Will they just keep sending out repair techs to fix a machine that seemingly cannot be fixed? I don't need yet another repairman. Maybe I need an exorcist to drive out the demons from this possessed front-loader. Stay tuned as I have a feeling this story isn't over just yet.

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