Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's B-A-C-K: Troubled washer's new antics

I dash madly into the house this morning after dropping off my daughter at her school. Dashing madly because I forgot I left my washing machine running, unattended for 45 minutes. Big mistake! Throwing open the door to the laundry room, I am greeted by the loud pounding spin cycle with a frothy broth of bubbles and water spewing out from underneath my front load washer. Standing in disbelief in my now soaked socks, here I go again.

A sad new trick.
Part of the soap and water mess.
I didn't want to start off the new year writing about an old topic but this morning's new water trick displayed by this lemon LG washing machine warrants yet another blog article. For the record, I was only washing a couple of bath rugs, purposely set the cycle on "normal" to avoid any water seepage, and put only 1 tablespoon of detergent into the machine. Look what happened!

  • I don't think I should have to babysit my washing machine while it runs.
  • I should not have to come home to soap and water covering the floor.
  • These expensive "glitches" with this LG front loader are getting more than old. 
  • This machine is a LEMON and is unrepairable.

To the Sears Social Media team who will probably find this article: if you haven't heard from me in person already, you will very shortly.

And the drama of Christianna's front-loader fiasco continues. Stay tuned!


cdboock said...

You have to bring in the big guns with the Better Business Bureau. No one should put up with a "LEMON" especially from a business like Sears that should back up any of their sales.

Aunt Marilyn said...

In 1992 we bought ourpresent Sears washer/dryer team and after weeks, months, years and decades without moan nor groan they continue to quietly do their tasks. Our freezer, frig, stove and dishwasher are the same mid-priced Sears products with the same faithful service. Somehow it's what our family has come to expect from Sears for more than a century.

Please, someone at Sears, come to the rescue of this frustrated suburbia housewife niece of mine!