Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Conversion

I have a confession to make. I don't read labels. I'm lucky if I grab the correct can, jar, or item of clothing. I would always sort of stare in amazement at those people in the shops who actually took the time to carefully read the labels on items they may or may not purchase. The items listed on the label in tiny print being the deciding factor. Deep down though I knew that I should just take a moment and read the label.

I've learned my lesson and now read labels on items of clothing that I want to purchase. How did I learn this valuable lesson? I bought a pair of cute—what I thought were wool—shorts at one of my favorite boutiques. They looked like wool, and they felt like wool. They even got wrinkly like wool. So I bought them only to discover these cute wool shorts were made out of wool and glue.
They look like wool, don't they?
Fooled me.

GLUE!!! I did a triple-take on that item. Thank goodness I did read the label before I put them under a hot iron. That would have been quite the mess! Yes, I bought shorts made of glue. I never realized that glue was an actual material. Or is the 40% glue holding together the 60% wool? I don't know but I felt like a fool.

Guess where the shorts were made? You guessed it, China of course. I've learned my lesson and have converted over to religiously checking the labels of clothing from here on out. "Made in China" is hard to avoid. But certainly no more glue shorts disguised in sheep's clothing for me.

The glue doesn't stop me from wearing my shorts in the dead of winter though. I just must use extra caution so that I don't lean up against a radiator and my shorts reveal their true identity by melting all over.
60% WOOL
40% GLUE

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