Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Reasons Why a Balmy Winter Really Isn't All That Bad

My snowless Minnesota
Being well aware of the impending snowstorm about to descend upon the Twin Cities, I'm reveling in the snow-free view from my window and a current temperature of 41°. Having lived through far too many sub-zero and snowy winters, I'm loving our crazy warm streak. Here are a few reasons to embrace an unusually balmy winter.

  1. No need to pull out the snowblower. Mine has sat quietly in the garage the entire winter. The kids do put the snow shovels to use when we get an inch or two.
  2. Less mess in the mudroom. I have no piles of sopping wet snow pants, soaked mittens, or snowy parkas hanging all over the mudroom. This means no piles of melted snow to dodge and eventually wipe up.
  3. No snow mountains to maneuver around. Since we've had only a mere 10 inches of snow all season and most of that has melted away, there are no towering mountains of snow on every street corner. If you've ever driven in the Upper Midwest in the dead of winter, you know what I mean. These mountains of piled up snow are nearly impossible to see around when you're driving.
  4. You can still ski. Downhill, not cross-country, and you must seek out a ski resort that makes decent snow. The snow at Afton Alps was spectacular yesterday, and who wouldn't love to go skiing when the thermometer is pushing 50°!
  5. Football games continue. The boys can still play football outside on the frozen tundra. Even though we have no snow cover, the ground remains solidly frozen and not muddy. As long as no one hits the ground too hard all is good.
  6. No loud snowmobiles cruising around. For those of you who love snowmobiling, yes the lack of snow does stink. But for those of us who don't enjoy the loud revving of snowmobile engines at all hours of the day and night, it's not so bad.
  7. No worries about your pick-up truck falling through the ice. Our warm winter temperatures and lack of snow have rendered the area lakes and ponds unsafe for cars or SUVs. Sorry to say, you'll just have to walk on out to your favorite ice fishing hole and leave your truck parked safely on shore.
  8. Keep those snow boots packed away. No snow or ice equals no need for those clunky heavy boots. Not quite sandal or flip flop season yet but who knows what next week may bring?
  9. The occasional inch or two will melt away. I'm hoping that this will be the case with our incoming snow later today. I must admit that I haven't minded missing out on my daily "shoveling off of the driveway" routine. 
  10. It's Minnesota. It's winter. It's WARM! But it's been consistently warm for months now. Yes at times I do miss the snow but not the cold. I'm thoroughly enjoying the 2012 Winter That Wasn't. I hope it holds through the start of baseball season in April.

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