Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sears Success—Front Loader From Hell Replaced

Sometimes I think that I have really bad karma when it comes to washing machines. This realization hit me as I frantically punched the buttons on my brand new Whirpool top loader. The SENSOR and POWER lights continued to flash, and the washer wouldn't run. All that was running though my head was: This cannot be happening again!

Of course this was an hour after the Sears installers left, taking my old, misbehaving top loader with them. The new Whirpool was all ready to go, and the installer put a tub cleaning pellet into the machine and started the cycle. As he left the house, he assured me that the tub clean cycle on this new washer would start after a few minutes of sensoring.

After 30 minutes of sensoring and flashing lights, I started pushing buttons and turning dials. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I checked the water taps and flow. An "Ahh Ha" moment! One of the installers forgot to turn the water on. Turning the water on was a seemingly easy fix. With the water now back on, all of the lights on the machine continued flashing with no wash cycle starting. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Instead I did the logical thing and called the installers on their cell phone. They were none too pleased to come back to my house, but after a thorough check and pushing of buttons, they couldn't get it to work either! The main installer guy called Sears and proceeds to chat away in Spanish with customer service before handing the phone over to me. Sears has decided that my new machine is not operating properly (yes, I already knew that) and they will happily have this new machine hauled away and replaced with a new one. However they have no new machines available in my area for another 2 weeks! As you can imagine, I'm ready to scream into the phone NO (choose your expletive) WAY!!! Instead I calmly explain that this solution is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Sears decides to have my old demonic machine hauled back into the laundry room and reinstalled until a new one can be found, leaving the new (and now broken) Whirlpool washing machine out in the garage. Lucky me, two broken machines.

My washing machine installer friends are not at all happy about this solution as they now have to haul two machines up two flights of stairs. As I'm frantically searching for a 12-pack of beer to send along with them when they finish, the main installer calls for me. "Your new washing machine is now working, see!"

He's right. By some miracle it's started working! The miracle presents itself as water taps that were not turned fully on. Note to self . . . the next time you have a washing machine installed and they leave the house without turning the water supply back on, it is okay to turn the water on full throttle. So now everyone is joyeous—me, the washing machine installer guys, the kids and their friends who are watching this drama unfold—complete happiness.

Finally the conclusion to my front loader from hell story. In the end, Sears did the right thing. Although it took them 6 months and numerous wasted hours of repairs and phone calls, Sears ultimately did replace my old lemon front loader with a new high-quality top load washing machine! At last, my leaky and stinky machine is gone. I'm pleased to report that the new Whirpool top-loader is running like a dream without leaks, stains, or smells. End of story.

Out with the old LG lemon machine
In with the new

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Jayne said...

SO happy to hear this!! May you have many, many happy years together :-)