Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Girl Left Behind at Chuckie Cheese

Sometimes I think that CNN Headline News exists solely to showcase "news of the weird." But this bizarre story caught my eye as it scrolled across the TV monitor at the gym this morning. 5-Year Old Left At Birthday Party. My initial thought was that's really not a big deal. Who doesn't just drop off their child at a birthday party for the duration of the party and then come back to retrieve them afterward?

Turns out that this birthday party was actually for this little 5-year old little girl and her mother didn't realize she was missing until the next day! That is what makes this story so bizarre. The mother has 10 children and 19 kids were attending the party. I'll not even commenting on why this woman has 10 children in the first place. Now having 19 kids at a Chuckie Cheese birthday party would probably push me over the edge and leave me a bit frazzled at the end of the evening. But wouldn't you notice that the birthday girl was missing when everyone got loaded up into the car. Or when you tucked all 10 kids into bed?!

The restaurant notified police around 11 pm about the little girl left hanging out at Chuckie Cheese. The mother didn't realize her daughter was missing until around 8 am the next morning when she was getting the gang ready for school. Okay, I can be tired and clueless and even a bit manic after hosting a birthday party, but I have yet to leave any of my kids or anyone else's kids behind. The worst part is that this mother had two other adult relatives along at the party to help her out and sadly no one noticed the 5-year old was missing.

I didn't even realize that Chuckie Cheese was even still around. I remember it as sort of a dark and somewhat dingy kid fantasy land where the kids could run free, feast on greasy pizza, and play kiddie arcade games. After having one horrible birthday experience at Chuckie Cheese where my son was terrified of Chuckie (man dressed up in somewhat scary mouse costume) and spent the entire party screaming and running away from Chuckie, I never returned.

My bad Chuckie Cheese birthday party experience pales in comparison. The mother put herself in an incredibly bad situation. I do feel bad for her and hope that she gets some help. But I feel worse for the little girl left abandoned at Chuckie Cheese after her party.

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