Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paul Ryan's Budget: An Alternative Choice for All Americans

Nothing impacts life in suburbia and the fiscal health of my checkbook more than economic growth and stability. Realizing that I'm delving into political waters here, I'm venturing out on budget policy limb because right now America's fiscal viability is clearly at stake. Congress has a choice to make: status quo or supporting Paul Ryan's 2012 GOP budget that offers Americans of all tax code levels meaningful solutions to our fiscal woes.

Having worked with Paul Ryan as a Congressional staffer back in the mid-1990's when we seemingly lived up on the sixth floor of Longworth House Office Building, his true concern for Americans and his brilliance always impresses me. His climb to Congressional success comes as no surprise: Budget Committee staffer to Member of Congress from Wisconsin to Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Paul was amazingly smart with those budget numbers back in 1995 and now proves that he knows what he is talking about as he unveils the GOP 2012 Path to Prosperity Budget today.

President Obama has done his fair share to try to change America's fiscal direction with both good and bad results. I truly believe that if something isn't working (like our budget pitfalls), then it's time to look at other options to fix the obvious problem. I am far from a math whizz, but even I can see that when our publicly held debt is projected to climb to 73% of the US economy something really must be done. Congress must act soon!

I know that some of you support President Obama's budget; I just want to highlight a few details of Paul Ryan's budget that make clear sense to me as a chic (but clumsy) suburban Mom.

  1. Cuts economic share of the debt by 15% over the next decade, putting US finances back toward balancing.
  2. Patient-centered Medicare reforms that will kick in over the next 10 years, offering retirees "guaranteed coverage options financed by a premium-support payment". (This means offering a fee-for-service option and forcing health plans to compete against each other for your Medicare dollars.) Seniors currently on Medicare and those about to retire will see no changes to their Medicare.
  3. Bold tax reform to ignite economic growth by unifying the current six tax brackets into a mere two brackets set at 10 and 25%.
  4. Close special-interest loopholes that notoriously plague federal budgets and levels the playing field for all American taxpayers.
  5. Reduce the corporate tax rate (now at 35%) down to a more competitive 25%.

But before you write off Congressman Ryan's proposal as purely Republican rhetoric, note that he has solid and now growing support from many Democratic Members of Congress. This is truly a bi-partisan solution to an escalating national debt problem. By implementing Paul Ryan's 2012 Path to Prosperity budget, Washington can make a wise choice and the right choice to set Americans back on the path toward economic prosperity.

Want to do something about this? Here lies the beauty of being an American citizen. You can actually call your Member of Congress and they actually do keep track of your call and your opinion. I know this true. As a Congressional staffer, these calls from the public really consumed a vast amount of hours when I worked on Capitol Hill.

Call your Member of Congress to voice your support (or opposition) to Paul Ryan's budget at: http://www.house.gov/ Just enter in your zip code and you are directed to your Member of Congress' website where their local and DC phone numbers are listed. You can call in or e-mail your opinion. At the very least, be informed about this significant budget issue and America's future.

Sources: Office of Management and Budget, Congressional Budget Office, Wall Street Journal 

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Excellently written! I will be on the phone today to make my voice heard. Thanks for motivating me by letting your voice be heard!
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