Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinterest Obsession Hits

Yes, I Pinterest. Do you? Let me start off by saying that I do not scrapbook. I have no time or patience for all of that collecting, cutting, and gluing pictures and mementos into place. I'm lucky if I manage to download the pictures off of my digital camera and onto my iMac. But I've gotten incredibly (and incurably) hooked on a new website that takes elements of scrapbooking, digital images, and bulletin boards: Pinterest. Thank you to my friend Gretchen for introducing me!

A sample Pinterest board
Pinterest is a social media website that hosts a collection of virtual bulletin boards. The idea is to create bulletin boards on any topic and add corresponding images. By using a special "Pin It" button (mine is right on my Bookmark Bar), you can easily Pin images off the Web or repin other people's images onto a specific pinboard. Other pinners can follow your board collection, repin images off of your board, and comment on the images.

I use it for organizing ideas that are floating around in my head. Some of my Pinterest pin boards include: garden ideas, favorite quotes, products I love, favorite places, and Duran Duran (of course). I even have a pin board devoted to this blog. The possibilities truly are endless, and it's supposedly growing faster than Facebook ever grew. Not surprisingly, it's most popular among women in the Midwest. Hmm, who does that sound like?

Yet another Pinterest board
My Pinterest account sat idle for nearly a year until those long, cold January nights hit. For me, it's a great way to idle away some dreary winter evenings. It certainly does waste time, but in a way I do feel like I'm accomplishing something. I have all of these interesting visual pinboards bursting with creativity so I don't see it as a complete black hole for my free time. I'm loving this new venue of social media!

There is one catch though . . . you cannot just sign up for Pinterest you must be invited. If you are interested in joining or just exploring Pinterest possibilities, I'll be happy to send you an invitation. Just shoot me an e-mail at: Or you can take a peek at some of my boards:

Happy Pinning!

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