Thursday, April 12, 2012

Breakfast With the Chairman

I've never had breakfast with anyone whose name is being tossed around as a Vice Presidential candidate. That would be for the White House, not a VP at Target. But Minneapolis must be a magnet for Vice Presidential types. Current VP Joe Biden was in town last night raising money for US Senator Amy Klobuchar.  This morning US House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan—who is on a short list of Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential picks—met up with like-minded Conservatives for breakfast. And I got to tag along!

As I've said in an earlier post, Paul Ryan has a brilliant mind when it comes to budget numbers and policy. At the breakfast he laid out some of the finer points of his budget that passed the US House but is currently stalled in the Senate and not expected to go anywhere. He spoke of the looming debt crisis and the necessary reforms to entitlements, Medicare, and Social Security.

He knows his stuff as he easily rattles off numbers, forecasted budget scenarios, and how his budget will help relieve America's financial woes versus Obama's projected budget. Given his importance in the US House of Representatives, you'd think Chairman Ryan would be some stuffy politician giving the same canned speech. Quite the opposite!

In between budget talks came football rivalry. The Minnesota Vikings and their dismal record versus the Green Bay Packers nearly perfect record last season. Ryan hails from Wisconsin. A quick jab at the bitter Minnesota winters and sharing horror stories about Delta airlines. His hopes to get his budget message out to suburban Moms like me.

As much as I love what Paul Ryan stands for and all of the good he can do for America, I love that he was just really excited that he could fly back to Madison, Wisconsin and make it home to Janesville in time for dinner with his family. All politics aside, Paul Ryan really is just a nice normal guy out there trying to save the world—one budget line-item at time.


Dad said...

Christi: I was watching a talk on C-span given by Paul Ryan on Tuesday when Mom mentioned you blog. Ryan had a goodtalk and seemslike a nice guy. Glad you got to spend time with him. Too bad he won'trun for Wisconsin Governor. He has a good future.


Christianna said...

I think that Paul Ryan has learned a few things from Scott Walker about telling the public all of the details of his budget plan. So that no one can say he has a hidden agenda. You're right, he does have a very bright future!