Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Me and My Notorious Coach Sneakers

I'm defined by a certain pair of shoes. People may not know my name, but they certainly know the shoes. They make a grand entrance all on their own. They are my loud, hot pink, and completely fabulous Coach sneakers. If I'm going to pay the absurd price for a pair of Coach sneakers, they might as well be bright pink and demanding attention.

These sneakers precede me into any room. People don't see me; they see the shoes. And most days that's perfectly ok. While running an errand at Costco the other day, I slipped into my vibrant sneakers and bolted out the door, running late as usual. The Costco greeter at the main door didn't even glance at my membership card that I waved in front of her face. Her eyes were clearly fixated on my shoes. A few feet away, a woman loading up on massive bags of potting soil could not escape the hypnotic trance of the pink Coach shoes.

These shoe staring episodes continued as I navigated my cart through Costco. Women couldn't help but stare at my feet. Men nodded their appreciation. A few bravely broke their stares to exclaim: "I LOVE your shoes!" I smiled back thinking, yes I know you do. With a hint of shoe lust in her eyes, one woman asked where I got them. She turned away disappointed at my response that Coach doesn't make them anymore.

Hip, chic, coveted, fabulous pink sneakers, but notorious? Yes! While making my way to the Costco checkout lines, one woman caught my eye. She looked very familiar but I could not place her. Perhaps she remembered me. As usual, she didn't remember my name but she knew the shoes. "You're the bright pink Coach shoes girl from the Oktoberfest a few years ago! I remember your shoes from the chartered bus ride to the Gasthaus!" Again it's the notorious shoes.

I'll continue to wear my fuchsia shoes not only because I love them, but also for the folly of observing everyone's reactions. I just happen to be the woman attached to those brilliantly pink Coach shoes!


Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner said...

I will be watching for these!

edward nortan said...

Yeah you are right that people prefer to buy Coach boots, because they feel more attractive when wearing designer shoes which they consider to be satisfying fashion investments.