Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Cell Phone Stalker

Have you ever felt unnerved by cell phone harassment? I wrote off the first wave of odd calls to my cell phone as some very confused person who had the wrong number. Seven calls in five minutes while in the depths of Target. The line was broken up. His English was horrible, but he kept calling back. Once from a number in Colorado. The rest from "Unknown". Then a 10 minute break.

The cell started ringing again in the parking lot while I loaded up my groceries. This time I heard my name. Whoever this was now knows my name! He probably got it off of my voicemail. I was able to pick out that he had a package to deliver to me. I hung up. No surprise the phone rang again. He rattled on in garbled English about a package to deliver to me. I told him I was not expecting a package and asked him again to stop calling me. More calls that I did not pick up. Still "Unknown." I was feeling a bit rattled as I drove home.

Then the calls stopped for the day. While getting my daughter out of the door for school this morning, my cell started ringing again at 7:45 am. Still showing up as "Unknown." I checked the recent calls record to find this person started calling my cell at 6:45 am. The cell starts ringing in my hand. Another "Unknown" call. This time I answered it. The same broken English male voice on the phone asking for me by name. This time I could pick out that he wanted to deliver a package to me today that was from the United States Government. Immediately I'm thinking this is some deranged lunatic or a scam. Perhaps both.

I run upstairs feeling more than a bit distraught that some crazy person who won't stop calling me insists on delivering a package to me today. What if he knows my address?! I wake up my husband to explain the situation. In the space of these 2 minutes, my "Unknown" caller calls back 3 times.

The fourth time my husband gets on the phone and attempts to speak with him. He picks out that this person claims he is a Sargent (military) with a package for me from the US Government that must be delivered today for $5. A moment of enlightenment! This guy wants money of course. My husband asks my cell phone stalker to stop calling immediately.

Mr. Unknown caller calls back again an hour later. This is becoming harassment. My husband threatens to contact the police if he continues to call. The calls don't stop. We contact our cell phone carrier and have all "Unknown" calls blocked. We have that random Colorado number blocked. I'm feeling a bit more relieved that this man will finally be blocked from my cell phone. I can finally relax.

This has all happened before 9 am. I finish up my morning latte and then at 9:15 am my cell phone starts to ring. Irvine. California is calling. I don't know anyone in Irvine California. That particular phone number is now blocked. I'm hoping that will do the trick and the calls will stop, but I have a feeling this person has a stockpile of random cell phone numbers.

I cannot help but feel like I am being stalked and harassed through my cell phone. How did this person get my cell phone number to begin with? So if you call me and I don't pick up, please leave me a voicemail. I'm screening all of my calls until I can get rid of this guy.


alyssa said...

Creepy! I wonder what would happen if you somehow made arrangements to have the package delivered? Maybe have it "delivered" to a police station or something. And only $5? Certainly there will be "additional fees" added.

Or - do you speak another language? Just start rattling off some other language to make it sound like you got rid of your number and now someone else has it. Wait, I guess that won't work if you have voicemail set up yet.

Anonymous said...

Very scary but remember everything you post on this wonderful internet highway there is a link to find out who you are. Do you have your cell number posted on here or FB? Do you have your full address posted anywhere on the internet? Even a town certain people can narrow it down to locate you. Hope that he stops!

Christianna said...

I hear your concerns. I've purposely been very careful when it comes to privacy on the Internet and have not posted any of my phone numbers or street addresses on the Internet via FB or this blog. As far as I know! You're right that it is out there, probably from the 5K races I run. It's scary how easy it's become to get personal information and use it to harass people.

My next step is to contact my neighbors who are in the police force. I hope he stops too!

Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner said...

Okay..This is weird because I'm getting constant texts from someone claiming to be a sargeant in the military who is stationed in Afghanistan. Each time they are texts to my phone from an email address so I can't track the number via my online phone records. This has been going on for about a week. Hmmm...

Christianna said...

That's a very strange coincidence! Is there some ploy out there involving military personnel harassing women in our area code? That's more than odd.

Anonymous said...


This is serious stuff. My wife has been stalked by a group of who knows what from a poetry web site of all things. Lots of pajama clad losers out there, I guess.

Johnny D

Christianna said...

That's actually a great visual Johnny. I can just picture a bunch of oddball poets lounging around in some old, nasty pajamas harassing innocent people who stumble upon their website. That certainly is bizarre! Hope your wife has managed to make them go away.