Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time To Cut the Cord

I resisted jumping into the Ann Romney "Mommy Wars" and didn't chime in on the racially charged, Florida murder of Trayvon Martin. However the cover of the May 21, 2012 issue of Time magazine piqued my interest.
Must we really do "this" to prove
we are "Mom Enough"?

If you haven't seen it, here it is. The three-year old boy nursing from his fit and trim Mom. After all of that nursing it's not surprising that she looks awesome! I have absolutely nothing against nursing a baby. I nursed all three of my kids when they were infants. Perhaps I didn't breastfeed them as long as some Moms out there. I had a couple of indicators that told me it was time to quit breastfeeding.

  • Teeth (enough said)
  • First words (when they can ask for it, time to stop)
  • Disinterest (instead of latching onto a breast, the hungry baby boy goes for the cheeseburger I'm trying to eat while nursing)
I realize there is a large population of adamant breast feeders out there. My daughter introduced me to them immediately after her birth. I took to calling them the Nursing Nazis. They were relentless in their pursuit of turning me to their side. Formula? Who needs that? Weaklings who cannot handle nursing a baby! Never mind that my daughter, who was born over a month early, could not figure out how to latch on and was losing precious ounces of weight. The Nursing Nazis had a solution—pump!

Talk about a torture device: the breast pump. After 6 weeks of pumping, Anna finally figured out how to nurse. I don't think I'll ever forget that 2 am enlightenment! Could I ditch the breast pump? No! The Nursing Nazis insisted that I pump. I just didn't tell them that I was secretly supplementing Anna with the dreaded baby formula. Luckily Anna's brothers had no such problem figuring out how to eat, one within minutes of birth. He remains constantly hungry to this day.

I've been looking around to buy a copy of this Time magazine, but I cannot get my hands on one. Have they all been removed from the racks? Censored for public display of a breast? Put in black wrapping like Playboy? Or bought up by the obsessive Nursing Nazis?

Me and my hungry eater
Circa October 1998
I was never quite so blatant about breast feeding as the Time cover Mom and did not nurse my kids nearly that long. But to each her own on this issue. Nursing your child three years doesn't make you a better Mom than a Mom who nursed her baby for only three months. And yes, I am Mom Enough.

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