Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watch Out for Flying Cell Phones

My family tends to not put things away. Probably like a lot of families out there in similar situations,  everyone is just too busy to bother to put things back in their proper place given that life moves at such a rapid pace. What's the ultimate consequence for procrastinating on putting their valuables away: lost or completely destroyed valuables. Items that once had such little importance that it didn't matter if they were left in the yard for the dog to chew up, in line of the sprinklers to get soaked, or lying underneath the car tires to get squashed. These inconsequential items take on new "just cannot live without it" importance once they have gone missing.

The new favorite place to leave pricey items is on my minivan. You can just imagine what happens to something left on the Toyota Sienna. When I back out of the garage my main concern is avoiding hitting a small child, the dog, or any stray bikes left behind the van. I can always tell when a basketball is left underneath the tires, but items left on the bumper or on top of the van are pretty much goners.

Last summer's intensive garage and mudroom search for the dog's very pricey Invisible Fence shock collar was futile. We all eventually concluded that it got left on the back bumper of the van and fell off somewhere along the main highway when I picked up speed. That was a $300+ lesson that was unfortunately forgotten by my son last week.

He was out playing basketball in the driveway and, for safe keeping (HA!), placed his cell phone on the flat extension of the Sienna's back roof. He went inside to do something else and left his mobile phone on the roof of the van. A few minutes later I loaded his younger brother into the van with all of his baseball gear and drove him off to baseball practice. That cell phone probably went airborne the minute I picked up speed on Birch Street. I had no idea that it flew off until hours later.

In a desperate and at times enraged attempt to find his cell phone at 10 pm that night, we determined it was probably somewhere along Birch Street. I insisted that we not go out searching for it at ten o'clock at night in the pitch dark along a highway. He called the cell phone and no one answered. A late-night call to Verizon Wireless disabled the cell phone, rendering it useless to anyone out searching along Birch Street for demolished cell phones.

At least it wasn't an iPhone or another type of SmartPhone, only a basic cell. Hopefully he learned a lesson not to leave stuff on top of cars. Have I bought him a new cell phone? No. He will be buying one himself and paying it off by mowing the yard in the coming months.

The next time a cell phone, dog collar, or random cup of coffee comes flying at you along the highway, you now know why!


Anonymous said...

Somehow a certain garage door opener left on the car by a certain someone didn't make the list!! But you make a good point.

Christianna said...

Perhaps . . . did I really do that??