Saturday, June 30, 2012

49 Is Not Old

As I write this blog 49-year old Penny Palfrey is halfway through her Straits of Florida swim from Havana, Cuba to the Florida Keys. At last report the Australian endurance swimmer was 25 hours and 48 miles into her swim. Not bad for a Grandmother.

Of course the fact that her being a "Grandmother" far overshadowed that she is a long-time endurance swimmer. CNN made it sound like she was a feeble granny attempting this venture. She is anything but weak. Palfrey is swimming the strait without a wetsuit or a shark cage. This is unheard of given that these waters have plenty of sharks and jellyfish that sting. She does have a high tech electrical field around her that is designed to deter any passing sharks. It must work as she is still swimming away toward Florida.

More power to her or anyone else who would attempt such a swim. I am a not a great swimmer and treading water is taxing for me. My stroke is the back float. It doesn't look like she is back floating to Florida. I am in awe of anyone who would even attempt to swim 90 miles in shark infested waters. This is without a rest. She's swimming on through the night at a nice clip and not stopping for a quick nap on one of the boats that is trailing her. She is actually doing a swim that most could only imagine. Does it really matter if she is 49, 29, or 69? I don't think so. I'll be watching to see if she makes it to Florida.

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Christianna said...

Update: After 41 hours in the water and only 36 miles from Key West (three quarters of her swim finished) Palfrey stopped her swim due to strong ocean currents. I'm still impressed though. A 79 mile swim is quite incredible!