Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tattoo You

What is up with all of the tattoos? They are prevalent especially now that it's finally summer and skin is on display. It's not just the young rebels out there anymore. It's "ladies of a certain age" bearing subtle and sometimes not so hidden away tattoos.

I see such a wide variety of tattoo art on display at my Lifetime Athletic club where I regularly work out. One afternoon an absolutely stunning young woman in her 20s walked in whose left side of her body was enveloped in this sort of serpent tattoo that started on her neck, worked it's way down her left arm, and sheathed her left leg in a vivid red, yellow, and black snake. This snake tattoo engulfing the entire left side of her body really was more than eye catching. You could not stop staring at her. Maybe she wanted this attention. She certainly didn't need a serpent tattoo to engage an audience as she was beautiful to begin with. But then weren't we all stunning at age 21!

Let's fast forward 20 years. Now she is 41 with 3 kids and a desk job for over a decade. Maybe a few too may trips to the local Dairy Queen tossed in. She certainly stopped frequenting her local athletic club. That serpent isn't exactly enticing anymore. Skin that was once taunt is now a bit stretched out. Calves are not remotely sculpted and that snake on her forearm is a bit saggy. Impressive now? Probably not. You know what I mean. Will these beautiful people really want to live their entire lives with a snake wrapped around the left side of their body? And wouldn't it be really expensive and painful to get that snake completely removed when you decide you're over it?

My favorite "what was that person ever thinking" tattoo was spotted at a cheap pancake place on the strip in Virginia Beach with my sister and cousin. A rather hefty man in his early 20s was sporting a bright red sunburn, cut-offs, flip flops, and a wife beater t-shirt. His tattoo placed boldly on the back of his neck said it all: Red Neck. (No I'm not making this up!) His tattoo so completely and accurately encompassed himself in two words.

Have I gone down that tattoo route? Some secrets are best kept to myself. Let's just say I have no snakes overwhelming my body. To each his own.

I'm so hoping this is just Photoshopped in.

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