Friday, July 27, 2012

Enough With the Cork Already

Perhaps it's because I'm sipping Chardonnay while perusing the summer shoe sale websites while I await the start of the London Olympic Opening Ceremonies, but there is a whole lot of cork out there. Have you noticed that? Every other pair of women's shoes has some sort of cork wedge, heel or embellishment on it.

If you are a current owner of a pair of cork shoes, I do not apologize for this post. Cork is for wine, not for shoes. Cork on wedge shoes instantly brings me back to 1977. My sister had a pair of cork wedge sandals with brown leather straps, and sorry Lin but they were just not all that attractive. But then it was 1977 and EVERYONE was wearing cork shoes. Except for me. An early disdain for wearing cork.

Maybe that's why cork-heeled wedges and sandals are everywhere on the sales websites. Women are either tired of cork, realized cork is truly tacky, or never really liked it from the start.

Although I am a bit surprised to see so much cork on women's shoes. I thought that cork was becoming somewhat extinct or at least difficult to product. Hence those pesky plastic corks or worse yet, screw-top wine bottles. Someone somewhere is certainly making a killing off of selling cork to shoe companies for somewhat ugly 70's throwback shoes.

I'll not be purchasing any cork shoes on-line tonight. Instead, I will stand by my resolve not to wear cork on my feet and continue to use cork to stop my bottle of Chardonnay thank you.

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Kristie said...

yummy chardonnay. icky cork shoes! I agree, they are tacky! :)