Thursday, August 30, 2012


My life is steeped in politics. The political rhetoric and barbs are unavoidable, and I've heard more than my fair share of political speeches. I had never heard a political speech that completely resonated with me. Not until Ann Romney took the stage at Tuesday night's Republican National Convention in Tampa. Maybe her words hit home with me because she's not a politician but a political wife. Like me.

She spoke of love, family, and commitment from the heart. She spoke of work, kids, single-parents, and the long sighs of making it through yet another day. Another day of feeling like you are running in place and never truly getting anywhere. She gets it. But Ann Romney pulled me in when she spoke of watching one of her son's graduation ceremonies and silently wondering how did so many long days turn into years that flew by so quickly? So true. When your life is full of children the days are endless but the years are short.

Ann Romney came across as a strong woman, not a docile, purse-toting political wife who follows her husband around to meetings and fundraisers. She is strong but not domineering like a few political wives can be, vying for the political spotlight with their husbands. She is not a fake, baking chocolate chip cookies for reporters or saying anything to get her husband elected. She is a real person facing the real struggles of staying at home with her kids. Perhaps not her first choice, but that's where she landed and she's made it work. Like me.

For those who might criticize Ann Romney for her pro-motherhood speech I have to ask you if you really did listen to her speech? Yes it did single out women, but it's not anti-Dad or overwhelmingly partisan. Her words are fair. Giving credit where credit is due, to American Moms. If it's all just a political gimmick, which I do not believe it is, this chic Mom fell for it completely.

Mitt Romney has his work cut out for him tonight. People can relate to Ann Romney, not necessarily Mitt. Good luck outshining Ann.

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