Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Forward. To Where?

Punctuation nerds, like myself, are puzzled. The new Obama campaign slogan stops rather abruptly. FORWARD. It's that glowing period that does it. To me the new "FORWARD." ends before it even begins. The period haltingly proclaims the end. The additional halo glow around it makes the improper use of a period even worse. I am surprised that the President and his campaign team signed off on the period idea. Don't they know they are jeopardizing the grammar geek voting block with this inane move?

My Chicago Manual of Style would certainly cite this as an example of how not to use a period in the English language. Maybe the Obama campaign is trying to be clever or innovative. A better choice would be an exclamation point that portrays movement and excitement—FORWARD! Unless the Obama campaign wasn't really all that excited about moving ahead given all of the unknowns on the campaign trail. Perhaps they are not looking forward to a potential win and all of the years ahead to dig out of a stale economy. By adding that period the Obama camp has stopped any forward momentum. Maybe they're just moving ahead without any acclaim and want a quick end to the whole race. I'm actually already a bit tired of the campaign ads and the whole national Presidential campaign hasn't even kicked in yet!


Just do the right thing and drop the period entirely. It's a simple move to make one thing right in this crazy race to the White House. Forward into the future minus the period and who really knows what will happen. That is the truth. Period.

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Diane said...

Well... I guess it's better than a question mark. But yes, it is indeed weird. Haven't seen it yet but I already know that when I do, it'll annoy me.