Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Year

Unlike most people who mark the new year on January 1, I celebrate in mid-August. My unconventional streak is shining through. The start of football marks a new year in my world. Obviously I do follow the traditional calendar, but for me, the August tradition of pulling out all of the football gear along with the back to school shopping heralds in a new year. 

Both of my boys play football and they absolutely LOVE playing football. They really could care less about all of the back to school hubbub and frenzy. The boys prefer to remain happily in their summer routine for as long as possible. The arrival of football practice this week rocked their summer worlds.

My daughter is the contrarian. She does not play football, but dutifully helps drive her brothers to their practices and will watch their games. She loves back to school shopping, triple-checking her list of supplies, and cleaning out her closet of last season's worn clothes. This girl insisted on driving to Target to pick up all of her school supplies the day that the list arrived in the mail. She will probably offer to shop for all of her brother's supplies as well. She really couldn't care less about the arrival of football season, but bring on that 2012-2013 school year!

I do agree with her. As much as I love summer vacation and having the kids at home with me each and every day, by late summer it is time to return back to the school routine. How do I know? There are some telltale signs:
  • A rise in the number of brotherly basement fights. Too much time spent together + tempers running short + the horrible and violent X-Box influence = more physical fighting (happy to report no concussions yet)
  • Unusual rise in drawer and room cleaning. This would be my daughter Anna's way of preparing herself for school. Sort of like nesting for the start of the new year. Out with the old and in with the new.
  • Increase in Skyping friends. Anna's friends are scattered all around the Twin Cities metro and have not really spent much time together all summer long. Time to Skype and plan the first day back to school.
  • Actual enforcement of X-Box rules. As I mentally calculate the number of hours the boys have spent playing COD or Minecraft all summer long, I'm appalled at my own lax parenting and actually now limit the number of hours spent on the X-Box.
  • 911 call threats on the rise. Due to actual parental enforcement of the rules and physically taking away the X-Box controllers resulted in my youngest son threatening parental abuse. I was nearly ready to sedate him after he punched 911 into the phone and threatened to push the CALL button because I took away the X-Box controllers after a marathon COD session. After talking him off the ledge and prying the phone from his hands, he realized the implications of calling 911 only because Mom was mean enough to hide the controllers. No sympathy from the police!
  • Complete boredom. Any activity suggestion is quickly ruled out as BORING! Projects that are undertaken are short-lived because they are boring. The only activity that holds any attention is slack-jawed TV gaping at Phineas and Ferb, Drake and Josh, and Gossip Girl episodes.
When Mom becomes the entertainment committee for the family, I know that it's time football season and a hasty return to the classroom. Happy New Year!

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Unknown said...

Hilarious! because it is so true! LOL