Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic Style III: Skimpiest Olympic Uniform Winner

And the 2012 London Olympic Games Skimpiest Uniform prize goes to—Men's Synchronized Diving! Why? Very simply, two very buff, toned males wearing tiny, tiny Speedos that leave little to the imagination.

Usually the distinction of skimpiest uniform would go to the women's beach volleyball players. I felt they were easily eliminated during these Olympic games due to the cool and drizzly playing conditions. Players had to cover up for some matches, wearing shirts and tights underneath their volleyball bikinis. Unlike the Syndey 2000 games, there was not so much skin showing.

I always found it a bit unfair that women had to wear their sporty beach bikinis while the men's beach volleyball team could wear tank shirts and running shorts. However the skimpy uniform playing field was leveled at the London Aquatics Centre. Where did Men's Synchronized Diving come from? I've somehow missed it all of these years or else the networks never covered it.

I'm sure these Olympic athletes think nothing of pulling on their Speedos and diving in tandem off of a platform raised 3-stories above the pool. Maybe it's not such a big deal in foreign countries where men actually wear Speedos around the beach or pool. I think it's safe to say that your average American Olympic viewer isn't quite used to seeing Speedo-clad men embracing each other in the jacuzzi tub or divers hiding behind judiciously placed dripping, miniature towels.

Congratulations to the all of the Men's Olympic Synchronized Divers whose training enabled them to complete extraordinary simultaneous dives and who were brave enough to proudly wear their Speedos in front of a captive audience numbering into the millions.


alyssa said...

Can't say I minded those skimpy outfits :)

Christianna said...

HA! True enough :)