Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan Is the Right Choice for VP

"It's FALL!" my husband exclaimed at 6:40 this morning. I blearily roll over and face the open window with the cool air streaming in. "No, it's still summer" I mutter, closing my eyes. Yet again I hear: "It's FALL!" Huh? Removing my earplugs so I can actually hear enough to argue my case that it's still technically summer, my husband announces: "It's PAUL!" Hmmm . . . Paul. As my mind scans any Pauls I might know who would possibly come up in conversation at 6:40 am on this Saturday morning, realization hits. Of course, Paul Ryan is the VP pick!

The Romney campaign has finally made the right move and picked my old friend and former colleague from Wisconsin for his running mate. Paul Ryan is currently in his seventh term in the US House of Representatives and serves as the House Budget Committee Chairman. He is also husband to Janna and Dad to Liza, Charlie, and Sam.

Some will say he is too young or too policy-wonkish. True on both counts. But Paul Ryan is wise beyond his years. His budgets and plans to revamp health care and the Congressional budget show brilliance that stretches far beyond his 42 years.

Paul is a hard-working and normal guy from my home state of Wisconsin. I couldn't think of anyone better to put on the Romney ticket. Paul will bring a sense of normalcy to the crazy and out-of-touch world of Washington, DC. He's a very smart "numbers" sort of guy, but also someone who you wouldn't mind hanging out with and watching the Packers game on a Sunday afternoon.

It's not every August morning you wake up to proclaim it's still summer and discover an old friend is now on the ticket for the White House. I'm relieved that the Romney campaign finally made a good move and chose Paul Ryan to energize an otherwise lack-luster campaign. I know that Paul Ryan will work tirelessly for the American people, be fiscally responsible, and turn America around, putting the US economy back on track. Go for it Paul!

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