Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Are Politicians Thinking?

"No one is going to vote for him. He's a complete freak!" Is this statement political brilliance or just plain common sense? Perhaps just the honest truth. My daughter uttered this political insight today when she finally heard the news about a local Minnesota State Representative caught having oral sex with a 16-year old boy at a Duluth rest stop. It gets better. He found the kid on Craigslist and since it was consensual, this sex act is not a crime in Minnesota if both parties are at least 16. This State Representative, who was recently released from the hospital after a rumoured suicide attempt, announced that he is NOT seeking re-election.

At least he had the clarity not to run for re-election. Unlike Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin who defied all logic and decided to stay in the Senate race after his unbelievable string of abortion comments over the weekend. In case you missed it Akin was asked in a television interview about his view on abortion in the case of rape. He told the Missouri TV interviewer: "It seems to me, first of all from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

And what century is this Mr. Akin? I don't know if he's completely clueless or if he really believes his legitimate rape statement. It's not like he is a political newbie. He's held public office as a Member of Congress since 2001. It's not like he's never done a televised interview before. What was he thinking in letting these words slip?

His words are bad enough, but he's decided to stay in the Missouri Senate race despite calls from his own party to abandon the bid for the US Senate. I suspect the only person happy that Akin decided to stay in the race is his Democratic opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill.

On the parenting side of this issue, I've completely given up sheltering my kids from the news. They are going to see and hear these stories no matter how many times I hit the mute button. I love explaining rape to my 9-year old and having my daughter hear about same-sex, oral sex acts over her Cheerios at 6 am. Thank you to these incredibly stupid politicians and their X-rated acts.

Seriously if you're in public office, running for public office, or even considering a public office bid wouldn't you think twice about what you say and do? Slamming abortion choice in a legitimate rape case while on TV and having oral sex in a highway rest stop with a teenage boy are not wise choices. It always comes out. People are going to notice and not vote for you.


Jo said...

As far as protecting kids, I agree it's not possible . . .

I know we live in a crazy world. I wonder how the bombardment of craziness affects children. When I was a child, I remember ONE report of a child murdered by his mother--she drowned him in the bathtub. That image has stayed with me all these years. NOWadays, there can be a daily report of some crazy parent, maybe decapitating their toddler?? or putting their infant in a microwave???

Do children become desensitized to the craziness in the world? Does the craziness become acceptable? Or do they become afraid? depressed? hopeless? powerless?

Perhaps one thing we parents can do is to teach our children how to process the information, how to cope with disturbing issues, and how to keep their own sense of self worth, efficacy, and confidence from being contaminated by all the negatives in the world.

Christianna said...

I don't think the craziness of our world is EVER acceptable as normal. As long as our kids can process and filter the information—good vs. evil—we doing our job as parents.

I wish the news would start reporting some of the positive news, not just the horror over and over again.

As parents we can do our jobs to raise the moral standards bar higher and help our kids achieve confidence and their own self-worth.