Friday, September 14, 2012

Enough of the Madness!

The classic cliched icon coupled with
my cliched plea for world peace.
I'm running at risk of sounding like a cliche, but can't we all just get along? As one American mother to everyone involved in the whole Libya/Middle East mess, just stop already. You all are behaving like a gang of school yard bullies with no self-control or common sense who are just itching for a fight.

To the Libyan mobs who stormed the US Consulate and murdered four Americans including the US Ambassador—what did that really get you? Power? Respect? No, you look like out-of-control buffoons. To the Middle East extremists scattered around Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and all of the other hot spots who reacted so strongly, stop blaming the US for all of your problems! Open up your minds, shut off the paranoia, and stop drinking the Islamic Kool Aid for a moment. Maybe then you'll learn that the US isn't out to get you after all.

To the maker of the film insulting the Prophet Muhammad, what did you expect? I'm all for American free speech, but you must have know that the uptight, Islamic extremists wouldn't really give your film four stars. To the pastor in Florida who loves provoking the Middle East by promoting this video, knock it off and grow up. Must you really stir the pot so much that it boils over. You're an adult and a man of the cloth, use better judgment. You know that these people will react at the drop of Muhammad's hat.

Stop all of the rioting, raping, murdering, and pillaging. What's the point? It's getting a bit worn and tiresome, and you're frightening the children. You're acting like a bunch of spoiled preschoolers who throw a temper tantrum when they don't get their own way. And grow a backbone while you're at it. Is it really worth starting World War III just because you were offended?

I'm a Christian. People offend my faith all of the time. They don't believe in Jesus or God. They are completely offensive toward my religion. Do you see me heading off to Washington's Embassy Row to protest or storm a gated consulate? No.

If we all just were a bit more sane in our reactions, think of how many lives would not be lost and all of the property that would not be destroyed Maybe the price of oil would even drop, saving us all a lot of money at the gas pump. Instead of spending billions on military budgets, some of that money could filter down to providing clean water, food for starving children, and medicines to prevent disease.

I know I'm not a diplomat. I'm not a gun-toting extremist. I'm not Islamic. I'm just an educated American mother who wants an end to all of this madness. Probably just like every other mother out there in Middle America or the Middle East.

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