Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell To the Fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together has packed up and left. But not before I could pay the fair a visit along with thousands of other Minnesotans and Wisconsinites. I missed out on the fair last year so I was happy to return on a hot and sunny Sunday morning.

I always end up at the Fair during Labor Day weekend when it's the final weekend and everyone else is also trying to squeeze in a visit. I inevitably pick the hottest day to visit as well as the day with the heaviest attendance. But that's all part of the Minnesota State Fair experience—the crowds and the heat make people-watching all the more interesting.

Everyone has their own Fair routine that they follow each year. I find it hard to deviate from my fair formula, but honestly it's really all about the food. My family and I always try to pace ourselves but that never works out. Here's what we all enjoyed for breakfast:

  • Pronto Pups (for those of you who don't frequent the Minnesota State Fair these are corn dogs on a stick)
  • Deep Fried Cheese Curds
  • Foot-Long Bratwurst with Kraut—my divine breakfast!

This was followed up with:

  • Hawaiian Shave Ice
  • Twist Cones from the Dairy Barn
  • Deep Fried Snickers Bar on a Stick
  • Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Another round of deep fried Cheese Curds
  • Blue Icees
  • More Pronto Pups
  • Saltwater Taffy
  • Leinenkugels Beer

This was actually pretty light eating for my crowd. My brat was definitely the best deal at $6. The most refreshing stop was the shaded Leinenkugels beer garden. The worst place at the entire fair that day was the Midway at noon. No shade, packed with people searching out rides, and the endless game banter broadcast on loudspeakers. We did not last long on the Midway, but quickly lost plenty of money on the basketball game!

As long as we've been visiting the fair, my youngest son has been begging to ride on Ye Old Mill Ride. Grandpa finally ponied up the $3 per ticket for the ride. This old wooden boat ride had nothing to do with a mill. Instead it was pitch black inside with the only light coming from random EXIT signs. It did feature three very odd and dimly lit leprechaun-themed displays that look like they were created in 1960. This ride was quite unforgettable as it was a complete waste of $12. However it would be perfect for dating teens if you wanted to make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This ride is now dubbed Ye Old Lame Ride.

Eating to excess, throwing away your money, riding the Skyride, grabbing a burlap bag for the Giant Slide, the animal barns, Princess Kay of the Milky Way carved in butter, and watching the endless tide of Minnesotans on display. What's not to love about the Minnesota State Fair!


alyssa said...

I'm sad I've missed the state fair for the second year in a row. I like to take a bucket of cookies over to the $1 all you can drink milk booth and sith and eat cookies and milk! And I like to go through the education buildings with the crafts and the science and technology building. I have yet to see the lumberjack stuff but they look interesting. Maybe next year.

Christianna said...

You'll have to come along with us next year! Warning: we do eat a lot!