Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Tis Not Quite the Season

While hunting down a grill cover to replace my current ratty cover, what to my wondering eyes did appear at Target this afternoon? Yes, a miniature sleigh with eight tiny and garishly illuminated  reindeer! Squashed alongside all of the Halloween costumes and decorations, the Christmas lights are up and ready for the holiday shoppers. It's official; the Christmas season has begun.
Get your credit cards ready!

I think that the stores push the Christmas season on us a little bit earlier every year. From what I can tell, Target gets the award for the earliest Christmas marketing. I wish they would at least let us get to the end of September or even a bit closer to Halloween. I just got the kids somewhat settled into their school routine. Halloween is looming, and I cannot even fathom Christmas.

Isn't it only September 20th after all? Does Target think people really want to think about buying Christmas lights even before the leaves have changed color? I guess they think shoppers cannot wait for the start of the holidays and must start shopping for those tacky Christmas lights while it's still summer. A pink flamingo wearing a Santa hat all lit up counts as tacky in my book. But Target probably has plenty of those tacky Christmas flamingos if you cannot live without it adorning your front yard this season. No need to rush though I'm sure they still have a few left on the shelves.

I love Christmas as much as the next chic Mom out there but this is WAY too early for promoting all of the Christmas decorations. Wouldn't it be nice if Target and other retailers would show a little restraint and hold off on the Christmas stuff until after Halloween like the rest of us.

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