Monday, October 8, 2012

29 Days and Counting

In case you haven't noticed, we're less than a month away from the elections. But how could you possibly not notice? The politicians are bombarding us, but some days I wonder if they actually understand what the voters are looking for.

I believe that I lie in the category that most candidates are targeting. I live in a wild card state as you never know what Minnesota voters will do next. I'm a middle-class woman, specifically a Mom with kids. I fit the demographic.

Maybe I'm mistaken in this analysis as it seems that neither party is really targeting me this election cycle. Mitt Romney is spending a small fortune targeting my husband, and it's no secret that Romney already has his vote. I've not seen any mail personally addressed to Christianna from Mitt or Barack.

Then there are all of the political ads that have gone completely negative really early on. Some candidates completely skipping over any niceties and going right for the jugular. Both sides are doing a fine job of pointing out their opposition's faults and flaws.

I don't really care much about all of that. Most voters are probably already tired of the constant, repetitive, mean-spirited ads. At least if they have to be negative be clever about it. I'm not seeing any wit or any of the issues that we suburban, Midwestern and chic Moms care about.

I care about the economy. I want to know why the price of a gallon of gas rose from $3.61 to $3.89 in the space of an hour when I was at the gym today. I want to know why my kids have to eat poor quality school lunches and pay more for the privilege. I want to know why other Mom's like me cannot find a job even though we have tons of experiences and talent. I want to know why my grocery bills are sky high!

To borrow a line from Bill Clinton and James Carville—"It's the economy stupid!" Twenty years later, we are back to the economy and wishing that the candidates would actually address the most important issues in this election. Even if that means ending PBS subsidies. At least Saturday Night Live and Big Bird were able to inject some humor into the Presidential race.

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