Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our very popular vomiting pumpkin
Where are all of my trick or treaters tonight? It's a bit slow for a Halloween eve. So slow that I'm blogging. That's a first for my cul de sac. Usually we are completely overrun by kids and all of the candy is long gone. Not this Halloween. That just means more Snicker bars for me!

The homeless hobo
Our house is down to only one trick or treater bringing home a haul of candy tonight. Jack wanted to dress up as Mitt Romney for Halloween this year. Actually more like a walking promotion for Mit Romney. His plan was to wear yard signs and Romney buttons. Sort of nixed that idea.

Halloween angel
Instead Jack has chosen a much more politically incorrect costume. A hobo. We had to change Jack's costume "label" from homeless person to hobo. Although he didn't know a thing about hobos, so this required a lesson. After learning all about hobos, Jack replied that hobos sounded just like homeless people. (Sigh and throwing up my hands.) So Jack went as a politically incorrect homeless hobo.

Trademark infringement
Hope you are all having a Happy Halloween! I'm back to eating out of the candy bowl . . .

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