Friday, October 12, 2012

What To Do With the Doggie Doo?

A special trash can with a fresh supply of plastic doggie doo baggies has popped up at the entrance to the bike path in my neighborhood. I'm a bit confused that the city decided to spend money on this cleaning up "pet waste" project. Forgive me if I'm being short-sighted, but doesn't that just defeat the whole purpose of walking your dog outside?

The trail where this new receptacle is located leads into a wooded area along a pond that opens up to a grassy field, wetlands, the nearby lake, and a forest. If you have a dog and walk your dog along this trail, you're probably out walking and not thinking of picking up the dog poo when he goes in the weeds or the field. At least I'm not. I walk my dog every day not only to exercise him but also so that I don't have to pick up dog crap from my yard.

Yes I am one of "those" people who lets her dog do his business out in the wild when we are walking on the trails surrounding my neighborhood. If I walk the dog in the neighborhood and he decides to leave a pile of waste on someone's yard, I will clean it up with a plastic bag. That's the neighborly thing to do, right?

It seems rather silly to pick up after the dog when he poops in the weeds at the base of a pine tree 5 feet off of the trail. I'm not alone on this one. There is plenty of crap alongside the trail. Note, I said alongside. Dog owners are very careful to keep the pet waste well to the side of the trail. The problem lies with those other animals that roam around unleashed on the trails. That's what you have to watch out for—all of the wild animal scat and goose poop on the trails. If only the critters would be aware of where exactly they leave their mess. (Please realize I'm only kidding on this!)

Perhaps I'm clueless or just falling back on my central Wisconsin upbringing, but if the dog poops in the woods you don't have to locate it, pick it up, and carry it back home with you to toss out. Doesn't it all count as natural fertilizer? Maybe the city could spend the money on something other than doggie doo bags and trash cans in the woods.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christi;

I think this has to be the first blog you have posted where my blood is boiling at what you are saying towards what you are doing. I am amazed at how many people, just because the dog poops along the trail, think they do not have to pick up their dog poo. We have a dog and we pick it up unless it is totally in the woods.

Have you never noticed once the snow melts the amount of dog poop along our trail. Try walking with visitors along those trails and kids when you may have to use more of the path and some of the verge - I hope my friends, neighbors, visitors never experience your dog's crap during a nice walk in the woods. If your dog poops along the path, off the path in the area mowed or cleared by the city then I really think you need to pick it up. There is even a dog trash can in which to pop the dog poop once you pick it up so it does not stink out your own garage. The City is trying to make us do the "right thing".

I am really amazed that you think it ok to let the dog poop along these trails and not pick up. AMAZING!!!! Are these the type of dog owners who give those who do the right thing, a bad name. We have enough people who do not like dogs for one thing or another - let's not add another.

Oh by the way, dog poop is not good for the environment, when it gets hard and white it can become a health hazard and it does not break down to help with feritlizer. Scat on the other hand may do that but not dog poop from what we feed our domestic furry friends.

I am pleased you brought this up. And by the way whoever lets their dogs run around the neighbourhood with no electric fence or not realising their dog is just roaming and pooping in our yard, why don't we humans just come along and poop in your yard and see how that makes you feel.

Thanks Christi - Love your piece - it always makes me think - I should be in politics!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! So you're one of the jerks in the area that does not pick up their dog's poop along the trails !!! You think all those signs along trails telling you to pick up after your pet's waste don't apply to YOU?? Simply incredible that you don't think it's necessary. What the H - E double hockey sticks are you thinking??? Dog poop attracts disease carrying flys and other pests. It's a KNOWN health hazard to other animals and humans. As the other poster indicated, domestic dog poop does not break down into harmless fertilizer.

Christianna said...

I feel like I'm the doghouse over this one!

For starters, I am not a jerk for leaving dog poop out in the weeds. Jerks are the ones who let their dogs poop on your yard and don't bother to clean it up.

I actually had no idea this was such an emotional issue and people felt so strongly about pet waste. I honestly presumed it wasn't a big deal to let your dog do his business outside and off of the trails. Chalk it up to ignorance if you'd like.

Points taken and under serious consideration. Thanks for the comments.