Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bond. James Bond

50 years of James Bond films climaxed over the weekend with the release of the latest (and possibly greatest) James Bond flick, Skyfall. If you haven't yet seen Skyfall, what are you waiting for?

50 years of Bond, but only six actors grace this exclusive James Bond club. And I'm talking about "official, authentic" Bond films, no spoofs or TV shows. If you're a Bond addict like me and have seen all of the Bond films far too many times over the years (or even if you're only the occasional junkie), you must have a favorite James. Here's the list in case you've forgotten.
  • Sean Connery: The original Bond starring in seven 007 movies. Connery was the only returning Bond who came back to star in Never Say Never Again at age 53.
  • George Lazenby: A one-hit wonder with Her Majesties Secret Service.
  • Roger Moore: The overtly smooth 70s James who starred in seven Bond films including A View to a Kill with Grace Slick. 
  • Timothy Dalton: The late 80s star featured in only two   Bond films.
  • Pierce Brosnan: The late 1990s Bond who starred in four 007 flicks.
  • Daniel Craig: The current, unflappable Bond who plays James in his third box-office smash, Skyfall.

I'm partial to Sean Connery, but only because I've actually met him in a very American Bond-girl manner. A 20-something blond, the Bahamas, bathing suit, beach . . . a scene right out of a 007 movie except I wasn't a spy. Who is your favorite James?

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Sue said...

Woops -Sean Connery was not the first James Bond.

If my information and memory is correct it was David Niven - yes can you believe that - I think it was Casino Royal.

He did not go far on being James Bond after that - a much better change to Sean.

I think my fave has to be Sean Connery- just coz he is so cool with that Scottish accent.

We were married at the golf course where Odd Job flings his sharp hat and cuts the statue in half.
Our friends whilst living in Watford owned the car that was in many of the James Bonds movies and I am thinking they did not really blow it up in Skyfall.
What a great movie - and Judie Dench makes an excellent M and the new Q is a great choice as is the new M I think.