Saturday, November 17, 2012

The X-Box Is Evil

The X-Box that resides in the basement is evil. This piece of hardware creates a noticeable rift and increases brotherly violence, name-calling, and general horrendous behavior exhibited on the part of my boys. I often wonder what life would be like if we did not have an X-Box.

Some may argue that the games played on the X-Box are evil. I would agree with that, but aggressive tendencies erupt even while playing the sport X-Box games. I resort to confiscating the controllers, but sometimes even that is not enough. The controllers hiding spots are uncovered so I have to take extreme measures. I've sent the X-Box to the airport for two weeks, hidden away in the trunk of our car. I've packed it up and physically taken the X-Box and controllers over to a neighbor's house for safe keeping. Friends have told me they've driven around all day with X-Box controllers tucked away in the car. Now I've had to resort to the utmost tactic—Welcome to 1974.

There was no X-Box in 1974. No cable or satellite TV. No DVRs. No laptops or home computers of any kind. No I-Pods or cell phones. In 1974 we made our own fun, read books, played outside, and hung out with our siblings. 

We're on day two of Welcome to 1974. The X-Box is out in full view along with the controllers. Most other post-1974 electronic devices have been confiscated or are off limits. This game is not very popular and I'm sure the boys will be desperate for the return of the evil X-Box and all of the devices. 

Did you know this came out in 1974?
A day of living in 1974 has resulted in getting the basement cleaned out; old appliances and junk hauled out of the garage and disposed of; closets cleaned out; the old globe pulled out; basketball being played on the driveway; and books taken off of the shelves. I'm not sure if the era of 1974 will even last until Monday but at the very least it gives the boys a taste of what life was like not too many decades ago. We get to spend some quality time together without X-Box induced fights and family yelling sessions. Welcome to 1974 has brought a few days of peace. I somehow survived 1974 and so will my boys.

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Steve and Liz Stein said...

We spent a month "media free" for our boys... a consequence... they ended up finding sooo many great things to do together that they had forgotten how much they enjoyed! Stay strong!