Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm not posting about the energetic Paul Ryan pep rally I attended Sunday in a hanger at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. I'm not posting about all of the latest poll numbers that seemingly gravitate toward one party or the other by the hour. I'm not speculating on who will win the White House, if the Dems will retain control of the Senate, and if Republicans can hold the House.

I'm not taking a side on the gay marriage amendment or even the outcome of local school board races. I'll watch the election returns tonight with excitement and hope that the Presidential race will be determined by the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

I'm not turning the volume on the television this morning while I make lunches for the kids. I'm not listening to any more political ads. I'm not undecided on any candidate or ballot issue this election. I'm a decided voter and what I am doing is voting today—Election Day.

Get out and vote. Your vote does make a difference, and turnout is critical in this election. Your future does depend on it. Be thankful that you do have the right to vote for change or maintain the status quo if you desire. Just get to your polling place and VOTE!

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Aunt Marilyn said...

Christi, your great grandfather Arthur Lincoln Boock's political genes are alive and well, passed on to you. Reading your blog this morning brought back a flood of memories of Grandpa Boock.

As a child I recall Grandpa Boock was known to stay up all night, right ear to the radio, awaiting final results. For one election (polling booth was in the municipal hall in uptown Spencer) he got in trouble for holding signs too close to that polling station, which of course he fought & won on a legal technicality - don't recall details though.

One of his grandchildren must have his McCarthy vinyls from that era. How excited he would be today, awaiting news of yet another election.

You reminded your readers to vote today. We thank you for that. (We voted a couple of weeks ago via mailed absentee ballot.)

Yes, do vote. It's not only your duty, it would make your great-grandfather proud!