Monday, December 3, 2012

Royal Speculation: Baby Watch

I've often thought being a "royal" would sort of stink solely because of the paparazzi attempting to glimpse into your life and follow your every royal move. Now it seems that Kate and Wills (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) are pregnant. Rather Kate is pregnant. Will is purely along for the ride.

Remember back in 1982 when Princess Diana was pregnant with William and the press never left the poor woman alone. They hounded her to her early death as we all know. Seems that history is repeating itself with Kate in Diana's role—that of carrying the heir to the British throne. If you haven't heard, Buckingham Palace confirmed today that Kate is pregnant. This announcement was probably a bit premature but necessary given that Kate is now hospitalized with horrible morning sickness and dehydration.

I guess in the press corp this must mean: "Let the speculation begin!" All major networks are carrying the news about Kate's pregnancy and hospitalization continuously. Although FOX News took it to the extreme by inviting a prominent doctor to wonder on national live television that perhaps the Princess could be pregnant with twins or triplets given her extreme morning sickness. That's quite the theory coming from a female doctor!

Perhaps the press should pause for a moment and think rationally. The Duchess of Cambridge is incredibly thin and maybe even more susceptible to morning sickness than other women. From my own experience, the first trimester of pregnancy (and even well into the second) means nothing but horrible morning sickness that lingers all day and into the evening. Just because she's hospitalized with extreme morning sickness doesn't mean she's carrying three royal babies.

Yes it's awesome that the royal couple is pregnant, but give Princess Kate a break. Leave her alone in her morning sickness misery and ease up on the "Kate and royal baby" watch! I must admit it is kind of hard to watch the wonder over an early royal pregnancy while on an alternate channel a story plays about children being killed in Syria's civil war and parents in anguish. It's all about perspective isn't it?

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Pam List said...

I agree, give the poor girl some space at this time in her life.