Friday, January 18, 2013

"Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?"

Belief or disbelief. How do we know what to believe? Today's headlines illustrate that fuzzy line between the two:

Heisman Finalist Reveals Bizarre Hoax
Is Lance Armstrong the World's Biggest Liar? 
Hostage Crisis Unresolved in Algeria; New Attacks Vowed

We live and breathe the information age. Everyone is plugged in, attached to their iPhones, and tweeting or posting their thoughts and whereabouts. We tend to think that we actually do know it all because our devices enable us to get the details as they happen. Here lies the problem . . . does anyone check the facts before they put the information out there?

The media blindly believed that Manti Te'o's girlfriend died of leukemia because he was a star linebacker from Notre Dame and Heisman trophy finalist. Why would he lie? It seems that Manti Te'o even somehow convinced himself that he had a girlfriend although he had never even met the woman. This confuses me. How can you have a "boyfriend-girlfriend" relationship if you've actually never met your girlfriend? That and scheming that someone died from leukemia should not be taken lightly as leukemia is an incredibly horrible disease.

I'll not even go into the whole Lance Armstrong fiasco. He lied, everyone knew he lied, and I'm glad that Sheryl Crowe left him years ago. Armstrong is being compared with Pinocchio as his lies continue to mount. The media did uncover this story, but in a way they let Lance Armstrong climb to the peak before dropping him off the edge. Did anyone not think to question how it is humanly possible to win the Tour de France seven times in a row?!

Finally the Algerian hostage crisis, which seems as murky as the last September 11th unfortunate raid in Benghazi, Libya that killed Chris Stephens, the US Ambassador to Libya, and other Americans. Lots of random and contradictory information is trickling out today. Does anyone really know what is going on in Algeria? These news accounts do put me a bit on edge, and I feel that I don't really know what to believe anymore. 

The television networks have always given out slanted stories sometimes based on incomplete fact. Now we must contend with sources of information who have convinced themselves that their own lies and fantasies are the truth. 

Maybe we all need to take a Bohemian Rhapsody moment to put life back in perspective.

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